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Meet the heart of our community


MVenice is timid but smiles often. Sometimes, she chooses people whom she will talk to; to some she will only say “hi” and “hello” while to others, she will relate her vacation trips with her family. At the workshop, she does drawing, painting, cutting grass for making paper, deflating paper with the use of rolling pin but prefers to draw most of the time.



Nikko is very polite, funny, a caring person and a gentleman. He is neat and meticulous in everything he does. He is very helpful and always anticipates the needs of other core members. His interest and talents are dancing, drawing and he is always eager to learn something new. At the workshop, he does painting, cutting grass for making paper, deflating paper but prefers to draw most of the time.



Jovelyn is fondly called as Neneng in the community. She is a quiet girl, very courteous to everyone, and would approach you with a gorgeous smile and would greet you by saying “hi” or “hello” especially to the new guest or visitors. However, she is sensitive when being bumped or accidentally hit by others. She easily cries but once explained to her that the bumping was just an accident, she will understand and will stop crying. In the workshop, she does drawing and coloring. She really focuses on her work until the end of the workshop.



Marco is friendly, sweet and obedient. He is best in acting or drama and interpretative dancing. He also shows his talent in dancing whenever there is music. Marco likes sports especially basketball, he play with his friends in the Community during break time. In the workshop, he does drawing, painting, cutting grass foir making paper, deflating paper with the use of rolling pin. Marco is always happy to bring cogon grass from their backyard.



Faith likes to talk to people. She loves to tell stories about her day or her weekend. She is friendly to everyone. She share stories about her life and she tries her best to communicate to a foreigner by speaking English. In the workshop, she does drawing, painting, cutting grass for making paper, deflating paper with the use of rolling pin but prefers cutting grass. Faith is aware of her strengths and weaknesses.



Amiel is the happiest of the core members. He always shows a brilliant smile. He loves to dance and tries his best to compete with his friends in dancing. At the workshop, he is diligent and stays focus to the task that is given to him until the end of the day. Amiel is a responsible man. Whenever he is early in Punla, he sweeps the grounds of the dried leaves. He is happy to share his experiences, repeatedly.



Bianca is personable and has a gorgeous smile. She loves food and always shares stories about different foods that she wants especially desserts. Like everybody else, she gets moody. At times like this she would not want to participate in dancing and singing but when in good mood, she definitely gives her best and that surprises everyone. At the workshop, she draws and paints but prefers beads making.



Angelo is a very neat and organized boy. He is conscientious in every task that is given to him. His talent is singing and always enjoys walking around the community. At the workshop, he draws, paints, cuts grass for making paper, and helps in beads making. Angelo is attentive especially when being given instructions on what to do.



Cookie is the newest external core member. She has an angelic face and a beautiful smile. She likes to wink at familiar people in the Community and calls an attractive guy “pogi.” At the workshop, she usually doodles. Her greatest achievement so far is being able to communicate with others. She is also now able to eat on her own. She loves to mingle with people.



Francis is a gentle big guy. He is quiet and kind. He is always ready to lend a hand especially to his friend, Alvin. He expresses his feeling if he likes you by smiling and producing sounds like “Hmmmn Hmmmn Hmmmn”. At the workshop, he does doodling, beads making, painting, cutting grass. Francis loves to “hi-five and shake hands” all the time.



Alvin is fondly called as Podi. He is able to communicate with gestures. He follows simple instructions. At the workshop, he scribbles and cut grass. Alvin is very friendly. You can see his interest in you when he comes to you and greets with a hand shake.



Ryan is our “Gentle Giant.” He is tall and big in body built. He is able to articulate the things that he wants. He likes to sing love songs. Often, he works on his own with minimal supervision, especially in doing bead crafts. There are times when he prefers to help his mother in the market than to come at the workshop. Ryan can be quiet when there are visitors

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